What’s Available

Here at Simply Support, we aim to provide a safe space to have a different conversation about how we all operate as human beings and how our thoughts are intrinsically connected to the way we feel in the moment.  To realise that when the mind is quiet, we have limitless access to our own inner wisdom and resilience.  Once we understand this to be true, we know that the resource of inner peace is always available to us.  This understanding will, therefore, form the basis of all of our programmes, workshops and seminars.

All of these programmes and workshops have previously been attended by various groups and individuals.  The format is such that we can deliver the content at our own premises or be flexible to travel to any suitable venue.

We Are All Mentally Healthy – Foundation Programme – 3 consecutive days

This programme is delivered over three consecutive days and teaches a simple understanding of how our state of mind directly affects our perception of reality.  Many people experience stress, anxiety, fear, disappointment, impatience, frustration, difficulty coming to terms with trauma or sadness – and just resign themselves to distressing feelings.  They carry on, doing the best they can, risking harm to their physical and mental health because they don’t know there is a choice.  During this programme, you will come to understand that there is always a choice.  Once we see it and understand our psychological functioning and mind-body connections we are set free from the pressure of our negative thoughts and feelings, free to live and work at ease.

The Road to Health and Wellbeing – 2 x 1-day workshops

The Six Key Functions that Ensure Good Health – this workshop introduces the functions that make up the framework of our internal Ecosystem and how all of these functions are interconnected.  We will explore the importance of understanding the Mind/Body connection, what upsets the balance of these functions and how to restore equilibrium.

The Simplicity of Living Well – 2 x 1-day workshops

This workshop offers a different conversation about our perfectly designed, self-healing systems.  For those of you feeling overwhelmed or even hopeless by chronic physical and/or mental disorders that seemingly need an even greater number of different treatments, techniques and specialisms to manage them.  We will remind you that there is no mystery behind why we become sick and there is no lack of understanding of how to heal.  You will discover that your wellbeing is always intact and the immense wisdom that resides in each and every one of us is brought to us by our own power of thought in the moment.

There is No Such Thing as a Problem – 1-day workshop

During this workshop, we will encourage a different conversation about the way we experience life and, in particular, our problems.  By exploring a psychological understanding of how we all operate as human beings we will see that each one of us will have a totally different internal perception of the same external experience.  With this understanding, we remain assured that, even in our darkest moments, we are just one thought away from insight, relief and a more helpful perception of what we, mistakenly, believe is a problem.

Parenting Teenagers – Development Programme – 2 consecutive days

This workshop is for anyone wanting to be the best parent they can be for their teenagers, are interested in a different conversation and are willing to really listen to gain a clearer perspective on just how we and our teenagers’ function.  This will be an exploration with a difference.  We will not be pointing to the outside influences, traps and downfalls but rather the innate health, resilience and wellbeing that resides in every one of our teenagers and, indeed, in us as well.  We will learn what is really going on, not just for them but also for us.  We will gain a clearer and simpler understanding of resilience, learn how to recognise it in them and how to fan the flames of their, and your own, wellbeing. 

Understanding the Menopause and Beyond – 1-day workshop

The menopause is a natural process that all women will face.  It gives rise to a myriad of symptoms that can affect us both emotionally and physically.  This workshop will help you to understand these changes, explain why certain symptoms occur and explore solutions to ease the transition.  These symptoms are a result of the body’s attempts to rebalance as our ovaries stop producing oestrogen.  The resulting effects can be quite distressing but with an innate understanding of what the body is trying to do, you will be so much more resilient.  It is important to understand that maintaining overall health will lessen the severity of some of the symptoms and this workshop will help you understand that it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Together we can explore these changes with love, understanding and a few good belly laughs.  It’s easy to take ourselves too seriously when we don’t understand what is happening to us.  It’s also important to know you are not going through this alone and, hopefully, this workshop will go some way towards breaking the menopause ‘taboo’.

We Are Not Our Diagnosis – 1-day workshop

Every day hundreds of people are experiencing stress, fear, anxiety, sadness … following a visit to a specialist that has just delivered a diagnosis to themselves or a loved one.  Sometimes this diagnosis will have a prognosis attached that is life-limiting or life-changing.  Whatever the details of the experience this workshop will reconnect you to the wellbeing that is beyond the diagnosis, to the part of us that is always intact, never broken and as beautiful and vibrant as it has always been. 

Making Sense of Series:

Supporting individuals and families waiting for or are not eligible for mainstream health systems to stay connected to their innate wellbeing and inner resilience in the face of challenging circumstances – this could be directly for the individuals themselves or their family and friends who are supporting them.  The list is limitless but the following are examples of where some support could be offered in the form of six 1-hour weekly clinic or webinar sessions either as individuals or small groups. 

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Food Related Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress


Simply Support is an organisation set up to provide support where there are gaps in the mainstream service provision.  It is in no way intended to be an alternative to or a substitute for conventional medical advice.