What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy that involves the application of pressure to the hands and feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Reflexology is a powerful therapy that is believed to have a positive effect on general health and well-being.

Why Reflexology?

Reflexology is widely used across the globe and is respected amongst the most technically advanced countries in the world. It is purely natural, safe and has virtually no side effects. Reflexologists may not be able to diagnose or cure sickness or disease but its ability to calm a person and reduce pain makes reflexology one of the fastest growing alternative therapies available.

When is Reflexology used?

Reflexology is suitable for anyone; the young and the old. It can bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions:

– Sports injuries
– Hormonal disbalances
– Back pain
– Arthiritis
– Migraine
– Fertility
– Sleep disorders
– Stress
– Digestive disorders
– Blood flow problems
– Complement to cancer care

Want more information?

If you would like further information on Reflexology and how it could help you or to book a consultation please contact Billie Jo Hadley on 01449 677 231.