QXCI Bioresonance Testing

What is Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance testing is targeted at removing stress from your body through a variety of measurements. A band is attached to the forehead and selected electronic frequencies are measured. This can be a one-off check of health status, or it can be part of an on-going treatment.

Why Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance testing is quick ( a full test takes 90 minutes), safe and non-invasive. The QXCI can also treat a number of ailments using the technique of Biofeedback.

What does Bioresonance Testing tell you?

The measurements give detailed information on:

– Food intolerances
– Vitamin and mineral status
– Toxicity
– Environmental pollutants
– Organ status
– Dental toxicity

Want more information?

If you would like further information on Bioresonance Testing and how it could help you or to book a consultation please contact Dawn Wilding on 01449 677 231.