What is Simply Support?

Simply Support is an organisation born from the aspirations of two friends and colleagues.  The purpose is to offer support to those who feel they fall outside the parameters of, or are not eligible for, conventional support systems.  Simply Support reaches out to those who feel they are alone with their troubles or feel that no one can possibly understand their predicament. Dawn Wilding and Mandy Spray have both been working in the field of Health and Wellbeing in excess of 25 years. 

Dawn has studied extensively during the past 30 years and founded her own complementary health centre in Suffolk staffed by highly qualified and experienced practitioners.  Dawn has a special interest in exploring the connection between our state of mind and physical health.  She encourages people to see what governs their emotional experiences and uses common sense explanations of how we function on a physical level enabling them to see that wellbeing itself is always available to them, regardless of the situation they may feel they are in.

Mandy initially trained as a nurse and spent some years supporting people with learning disabilities and their families. During those years she realised the importance of supporting not only the individuals and their families, but also the people working within the organisations that provided other forms of support. Mandy also realised that when people understand that their own wellbeing is always available, they are just so much more resilient. She now runs Coaching and Resilience Programmes for health, education and social care organisations as well as for individuals and groups both online and in person, or via workshops and residential retreats.

Dawn and Mandy have busy and fulfilling family lives and have personal experiences of living with the implications of life-changing circumstances and both know for certain that, through their own experiences and working with others, there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel and whatever the circumstance those unsettling feelings will inevitably pass.  They have come together to form this organisation through their desire to encourage each individual to understand how resilient we all are.  That even in our darkest moments the spark of hope is always available to us.