Simply Support

Sometimes we simply need a little support and reassurance.  There are established systems and organisations in place for emergencies, acute and serious illnesses but often what we all need is someone to tell us that we are never broken and the spark that is inside each and every one of us can never be extinguished. 

Here at Simply Support we focus on realising health rather than treating illness.  We all have inner mental good health and one of the most valuable things we will share is how resilient we humans really are.  We have all had the experience of getting over something we once thought was impossible.  Believing that something or someone outside of ourselves was causing the upset or bad feelings we were experiencing.  Our programmes point us back to where our experience of life really comes from in the moment.  Instead of the thinking that tells us experience comes from what’s happening or being said around us, we will demonstrate that it is our own use of thought in the moment that creates the feelings we experience.  Once we realise that painful memories are just thoughts brought forward from the past or our fear is just anxious thoughts about the future, we don’t have to take them so seriously and can simply let them pass through.  Understanding that the frightening or painful feelings that came with them will also pass through means we are no longer held ransom by them.

Whatever challenge you may be facing, whether it be personal to you or happening to a family member or friend, the workshops and programmes available through Simply Support will show that your wellbeing is intact and that inner wisdom and resilience is always available to you.