State of Mind Coaching

State of Mind Coaching   –  Using the 3 Principles, a New Paradigm in Mental Health Education

There are currently more than 400 Psychologies and 1000s of diagnosis for mental illness.

They all look at the effect of our thinking and the effect of what goes on in a person’s mind.

Looking at the principles behind that thinking is what makes this approach fundamentally different.

We are looking at what exists before individual thinking patterns are formed.

Instead of dealing with all the different manifestations of thought, all the personality types and already created ideas, we point people towards the foundations of their own mental wellbeing.

The 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought point to the basic facts about the human experience.

Thought enables us to formulate our mental lives moment-to-moment.
Consciousness allows us to feel and experience the mental life that thought formulates.  Mind connects the two and is the very source of the intelligence behind life.

It is reassuring for human beings to know that whatever unpleasant experience we might have, whether it’s depression, anxiety or frustration, is always just the thoughts we are entertaining at that moment. By nature our thoughts are transient, and when they leave our minds the accompanying feelings leave us as well.

When you understand the thought/feeling connection one of the most powerful things it can reveal to you is that the past has no power to create your experience of the present. It looks like it has that power but it is a great illusion that we all get fooled into believing is real.

It is freeing when you realise this fact, because you will understand that it is only thought-in -the-moment that has the power to create feelings. That thought comes from inside you and will pass, if you let it.

So, forget the hundreds and thousands of perceived mental disorders. There is only one problem – we get lost in our thinking. The principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought reassure us that even in our darkest moments we are just one thought away from insight, relief, or a more helpful perception. We don’t have to make that happen. Better still is to know that you don’t have to work on changing your thoughts in order to feel better – they change by themselves if they are left alone.