Holistic Medical Massage

What is Clinical Massage?

clinical_massage clinical_massage_2 clinical_massage_3 clinical_massage_4Massage is the oldest known healing art, it is designed to assist the healing process and to target muscle imbalance and dysfunction. Holistic Medical Massage incorporates remedial techniques for joint and muscle pain, including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue release, advanced stretching and hot stone therapy.

At The Green Room we believe strongly in the integration of differing modalities of massage, body balance and nutrition so that every patient may be treated as an individual. Regular training courses are attended to bring unparalleled proficiency in cutting edge massage skills to The Green Room.

Why Clinical Massage?

Clinical Massage is a consideration for many people as it is affordable, painless and is a natural remedy without the need for pills or surgery.

When is Clinical Massage used?

Clinical massage is used to:

– Reduce stress
– Reduce muscle spasm
– Relieve pain
– Reduce neck and back pain
– Recover from sports injuries
– Aids in alleviating sleep disorders
– Improve flexibility
– Stimulate the immune system
– Improve circulation

And lots more….

Want more information?

If you would like further information on Clinical Massage and how it could help you or to book a consultation please contact Dawn Wilding on 01449 677 231.